Garden and Landscape Design Wrexham

Typically our approach would be the following;

Initial visit to site and meeting with our client

There is no charge for this service. As a crucial stage of the process it enables us to gain a proper understanding of the key issues such as size, location, and broad objectives. We will aim to spend a good deal of time with you to ensure that we establish your aims and objectives, personal preferences and your vision for your ideal outdoor space. During this meeting our designer Carol will listen carefully to your requirements and explore your ideas, noting all of your comments in order that these form an integral part of the development of the design. During this meeting we will;

Site Survey

A fully detailed, topographical survey is prepared by our builder and designer together. This ensures that all aspects are considered including position of property, boundaries, existing planting, ground levels and drainage issues. A soil sample is also taken along with digital photographs to ensure that we have a permanent record.

Concept Design

This is when the design ideas come together on paper and our proposed design is presented to you in person. This is in the form of a hand-drawn scale plan. It gives a very clear indication of how things will look and invites further discussion regarding materials and planting detail. Often sectional drawings are also prepared to show changes in levels or further detail. An indication of materials and planting specification is also provided.

At this stage most of our clients wish to proceed to construction and are happy to discuss any remaining issues verbally with us as the project progresses. The next stage is for us to provide a written estimate of the cost of the works;

Additional Services

Planting Plan

Many of our clients are happy to approve the design in Concept form and discuss the planting verbally, without the need for a detailed planting scheme. This is a personal choice to keep costs to a minimum and we are more than happy to proceed this way.  However, we would be delighted to also offer a highly detailed full planting plan taking into account conditions, soil type and aspect.

Construction Drawings

Unlike many garden design consultancies we offer an entire design and build service in- house. Under most circumstances it is not necessary to prepare detailed construction drawings and you can therefore avoid the expense of this. Our designer and builders work closely together and agree all aspects of the hard landscaping with you before proceeding to construction.  However should you require more detailed construction drawings we can produce these for you.

We constantly review our fees and services to ensure that they remain of the highest quality, and at appropriate competitive levels. Naturally however, should our clients wish us to provide a design service in isolation, we are more than happy to prepare construction detail, materials specifications, planting plans as above, and any further technical drawings to enable the project to be put out to tender if you should so wish.